How to play


You can register to play at any time, even after the season has started. Simply fill out the registration form on the homepage in order to login and start making predictions. Remember there are prizes for each race as well as an overall winner, and a bonus prize if you manage to get maximum points for a race by predicting the top 10 in the correct order.

Making predictions

The CMG F1 predictor game works by choosing which drivers you think will fill the top 10 positions in the race. You must choose in which order you think each driver will finish. Once you have chosen your predictions, they are saved and you have the option to change them as often as you like up until 4pm on the Friday before the race.

If you dont submit predictions before each race, your previous choice will be used for future races until you change them.

To make your predictions, login to your control panel, navigate to the 'enter predictions' page and choose your drivers.


Think you know more than your colleagues about Formula 1? Then why not start a mini league for your company. You can have as many people join your league as you like, all you need to do is create the league from inside your control panel. You'll be given a PIN, which you can give out to let others join you. You'll be able to see the league table from within your control panel.

You are free to create as many mini leagues as you like, there is no limit, so run a league at work, with your friends, and down the pub!


The scoring works exactly the same as the real Formula 1, if you pick Sebastian Vetel to finish 1st, and he does, then you get 25 points, if you pick Lewis Hamilton to finish 2nd and he does, then thats 18 points in the bag!. The complete scoring for the top 10 is as follows:



We will calculate the scores from each race at 2PM on the Monday following the race, and will use the official results published at that time. Any disqualifications or amendments to driver positions or points after this time will not be included in our calculations.