CMG 2017 Formula 1 Predictor

Welcome to the CMG 2017 Formula 1 predictor game. So, you think you know your stuff, well then test your F1 knowledge against family, friends, colleagues and everyone else connected with CMG.

It's FREE to enter, and there are fantastic prizes on offer. The top prize available after every race is £100, the top season prize is worth £1000 and there's a special bonus prize for a maximum points haul! Visit the prizes page for more information

It's easy to register, just fill out the form on the register page, and then login and start making your predictions. You can register at any point throughout the season, you'll still have a chance of winning some prizes even if you dont join at the start.

2017 F1 Predictor


Tom Peters

Share £75


Wins £100

The top 10 scorers this week!

1Willjlund 72
6Team Gravel Trap66
7Hammer Time 4465
8Turbo Tam65
9Mad knitter65
10Colin M65